We got our logo! Finally nailed our logo, after missing the head a coupla times, it finally hit! We couldn’t be happier with it, hope you like it as well.


We wanted our logo to look Nordic so we could strengthen the associations to our country far up north. This is also why we decided the ø to be placed in the top corner as degrees north. We have enhanced the N to draw attention to our country Norway and the fact that the beer is made from a Norwegian pilsner recipe. Beer is an alcoholic beverage which is one of the reasons why the letters are placed like a % sign. The other reason is that even though the beer is made by Norwegians and from a Norwegian pilsner recipe, it is in fact brewed and produced here in Melbourne, so we wanted to express this 50/50 concept in our logo as well.
We haven’t really explained the concept or ideas surrounding our name either, so why not do that in this post too!
We chose the name SNØ because we wanted a Norwegian word to front our beer. We want it to underline Norwegian quality the beer is gonna have. Snø is the Norwegian word for snow and also one of the strongest associations to Norway. We have taken notice in Australians interest in our additional letters æ,ø,å so we see it beneficial to use a word with the letter ø in it as a element for attention. Last but not least; beer is preferably consumed cold and snow is more then anything cold!


kristine, emilie, mari and julz


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