After getting Freddie the Fridge settled in, we moved on to the next step; ordering the ingredients and buying equipment. Mari got instructions and a list from Julz, went online and ordered everything we needed from http://www.craftbrewer.com.au (see picture below). This sounds pretty easy right. You order what you need and they sent it to you and you’ll have the package at your doorstep in 2-3 business days. Wrong! We ordered everything on a thursday, the following tuesday Mari got a call from Anthony. They had messed up our order and hadn’t sent it yet, it was all packed and ready tho (!) he just called to say that we had to pay $37 because the package would be split in 2 x 12 kg. We didn’t really understand why Anthony didn’t call earlier with this pretty vital information, but he could or wouldn’t answer this. The bottom line is however that the ingredients should have arrived last friday, but is now kind of missing. Mari will call and yell today, so hopefully Anthony got something to say in his defense or else she might have to go to Queensland and punch him in the face. But Freddie is still a bit rusty, so a little delay is nothing major. So fear not, as always, we continue with good cheer!

We also went on a shopping spree at Cellar Plus (see pictures below). Julz, Emilie and Mari went shopping for fermenters (to brew the beer in duh!), thermometer and some other stuff we needed for brewing our saliva-producing pilsner! Neither of us (besides Julz) thought that shopping at Cellar Plus would be so much fun! And we got a pretty good discount (thank you Cellar lady) so we’ll be going back there when we need more equipment and ingredients (we don’t like you craftbrewer)!

So please cross ur fingers, legs, toes or whatever you want to cross, that our ingredients arrive today, or even better, yesterday.


kristine, emilie, mari, julz


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