Like it actually would snow in Melbourne in September. Now that is something we would love to see. Anyways and on another note, we decided on a little bar crawl the other day. Inserted here we feel like there should be an excuse, but truth is, we don’t really have one except that we were thirsty of course. And that is not countable as an excuse we all agree on, it’s a reason. Anyways, we had a purpose. The last weeks we’ve been wanting to push our blog on, not only our Facebook friends, but other people too. So we came up with this idea about making small balls out of cotton to make them look like fluffy snowballs. This was maybe not an idea Julz was 110% on board with, but it was the girls against the boys and, well, he was kinda out numbered. So we made the cute small “snowballs” and sewed on a paper strip with our logo and blog link on it.

We filled our pockets and headed out. On our walk around Brunswick we met up with a mate and when we told him about our little quest, he suggested we’ll make Temple Brewery (right off Lygon st) our first visit because he know the marketing manager Xavier. Of course we were freakin excited! We’re not going to go into too much detail, but we ended up chatting with the head brewer (say whaaaaat?), tasted some tasty as beers (would recommend the shit outta their tasting wheel), we talked heaps about beer and they said we were very welcome to come in some days here and there in the new year to get some experience and learn! The night kinda ended after that, but we were belly full of beer and floating on a hoppy head cloud.

Because our mission was abruptly aborted, we just decided that whenever we found ourselves in a bar or pub we dig, stick a snø sticker somewhere or leave a little snowball behind. So we did!


kristine, emilie, mari, julz


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