We got some devastating news today. As you all know, our fridge Freddie have been feeling a bit under the weather since we adopted him two week ago, so today we had arranged for a fridge doctor to come and give him a full check up. The doctor did everything he could, but Freddie’s compressor just couldn’t take it and shut down at exactly 13:52 today August 23rd 2012. The doctor told us that Freddies unit had a faulty timer and that his compressor was burnt out which was the cause of death. No matter how much we loved him, life must go on and we know Freddie would have wanted us to. But no fridge will ever be able to fill the cold place in our hearts like Freddie did. However we need to brew, and to brew pilsner we need a fridge. We wipe our tears and throw ourselves into yet another search in the online world of commercial fridges. This sure is a tiny set back, so wish us good luck, we’ll surely need it!

rip freddie the fridge


kristine, emilie, mari, julian


One thought on “Time of death at 13:52

  1. Hope u have found a new fridge by now!!!???? If not i wish u all the best of good luck!!! 😉 i really like reading about your progress in this breewing project…so i am waiting for the next post 😉 and i can’t wait to cheer with a snø!!

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