We got a one week internship at Nøgne Ø when we get back to Norway! When we first got the idea about brewing beer we sent an email to about 14 breweries in Norway asking for advice and answers to some questions we had. One of the breweries that responded with enthusiasm was Nøgne Ø and after that first email we have had regular correspondance with their main brewer Kjetil. He’s been great and answered our questions the best he could. In the first email we got he welcomed us to visit their brewery in Grimstad to learn a thing or two about beer brewing, and when we said that we would love to, he said that we could come work at the brewery for a week as interns. This is such a great opportunity for us to get some hands on industry experience, we are so freakin excited!

For those of you that wonder who the hell Nøgne Ø is, here’s a little introduction of this small, but uncompromising brewery located in idyllic Grimstad in Norway.

The name Nøgne Ø means “naked island”, a poetic term used by Henrik Ibsen to describe any of the countless stark, barren outcroppings that are visible in the rough sea off Norway’s southern coast. We think the name also gives a symbolic picture of what the two Norwegian home brewers did early 2002, when they decided to found a new brewery. Their urge to share their passion of good beer was unbearable. Their vision was to bring diversity and innovation into commercial brewing of real ale. The result – Nøgne Ø.

Nøgne Ø’s subtitle – “The Uncompromising Brewery” is a plain statement of our mission to craft ale of highest quality, personality and individuality. The alchemists realized that they could only create gold from gold – so have we. Our gold is Maris Otter; Cascade, Centenneal, Chinook and Columbus. We think Maris Otter is the best malt obtainable, hand malted barley in the traditional manner in the UK. The big C’s are full flavored hops, grown in the USA. We only use ingredients of highest quality in order to make beers of uncompromising quality.

Nøgne Ø has grown from a 300 hl production in 2003 to an estimated 3500 hl production in 2010. We make more than 20 different styles of ales, and we export more than 70% of our total production. We do not aim to become much bigger, but we always focus on being better!”


Nøgne Ø brew their beer at the Phoenix brewery in Perth and have their highest sales in Melbourne and Brisbane.

A big thanks to Kjetil and Nøgne Ø for helping us along our journey, we are so grateful that you want to help us out by sharing your passion and knowledge!
kristine, emilie, mari, julz

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