As they say; “when a door closes another opens”. Sometimes you just have to embrace the clichés. After Freddies passing away, we were obviously feeling kinda low, then BAM, our ingredients arrived! The same day! We were absolutely thrilled. One step closer to getting our beer brewed.

Earlier the same week we went to this event where our lovely PR ladies had a stall and we got some great feedback that made us so happy. They didn’t serve beer tho (buuu) but still, it was a good night. Our PR ladies, Laura, Jane, Juann and Alex, are just amazing and the sweetest girls in the world. We even won a prize!

These good happenings makes it easier to see the light while pushing back deadlines and in the never ending search for fridges.

Cheerful and optimistic once again!


kristine, emilie, mari, julz


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