We will brew and launch a new Norwegian beer in Melbourne. Ta-da! It’s hard to say exactly where the idea of brewing beer came from. We all, well at least us girls, like to think that it came from the vikings within us combined with our shared interest in tasty quality beer. None of us girls knew much about brewing beer, the beer market in Melbourne or all that fancy beer talk, like “hoppy”, “fruity”, “thick head” and so on, so when we first got the idea we went straight to the guy we knew had the knowledge and passion for this kind of idea, our charming mate Julian. So after getting him on board, the ball started rolling “up hill” if you get our drift.

With help from beer tastings with Julz, research online, emails to breweries in Norway, then some more help and schooling from Julz, we gained more and more knowledge about everything beer related. We came to realizing that the beer never will be full on Norwegian, because it will be brewed here in Melbourne. And the brewer himself is a Melbournian born and raised. So we all decided that we didn’t want to make a fully Norwegian beer, we wanted it to be somewhat Melbourne as well. So a little mix sounded like a good way to go about it!

So what it is that will make this beer Norwegian is the type, taste and branding of the beer. But by bringing out the taste of Norwegian pilsner using the same ingredients bought in Australia in a new mix, we are creating a new beer on the Melbourne market. So as of today we will use ingredients from a Norwegian pilsner recipe, that are found here in Australia, then mix them together with Melbourne water surrounded by some good old Norwegian cheer and good times. To quote our favorite Melbournian brewer:

“The best thing about Norwegians is that they’re incredibly friendly and always want to surround themselves with cheer and good times. Dinner parties, barbecues, general piss-ups (excuse the French) etc. This is something that Australians also love to do however are often to lazy to organise. I want this beer to bring people together and be drunk gluttonously! Just as the Aussies and the Vikings mutually adore!”

– Julian Allen


kristine, emilie, mari, julian


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