So, when you’re brewing a pilsner, it needs to be brewed under a certain temperature. Cold. We needed a fridge. We went on a search last weekend and after looking we found a big as commercial fridge for like $200, which was pretty decent for a 2 x 2 meter, three door fridge. After some messaging back and forth, it turns out the lady (who Mari actually referred to as “Rilyn the fridge guy” before we after a couple of days found out that it was in fact; a woman) just wanted to get rid of it and gave it to us for free! This was of course because she couldn’t get the fridge to work, but we decided that a fridge that’s free and broken is better than no fridge at all. So we took it!

Then we had to transport it somehow. From Mount Waverley to our house in Brunswick East. When you don’t own a car and kind of depend on public transport or your feet for getting around, it’s kind of hard transporting a fridge with the weight of a small car all across town. But we got connections, of course. Our good friend Chris comes to the rescue! So off they go, Julz and Chris, to collect the fridge. They come back with two Cokes (which they got from Rilyn the nice fridge lady) in their bellies and our precious fridge in Chris’s borrowed ute. As you can kind of witness in the pictures below, it was quite a struggle, but it all resulted in a great victory and an evening with cheers, good times and tasty beers, so fear not!

Freddie the Fridge is now in place, but is still not working. As we said though, fear not, he will get a good cleaning this week and ready for storing fermenters in no time.


kristine, emilie, mari, julian


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