A part of our beer education was of course beer tasting. From this rather moist experience we got to know some cool beer lingo like “hoppy aromas”, “floral undertone”, “bready “, “creamy head”, these words just happen to describe our pilsner. Major coincidence? Nope!

Here’s a description of our first beer, a Norwegian style pilsner presented to you by Julz:

“We are creating a classic European Saaz Pilsner (using only Saaz hops) which will comprise of the following assets:

Appearance: A pale yellow with a substantial creamy white head.

Aroma: Floral hoppy aromas with a light spiciness and nice bready or grainy undertones.

Flavor: Nice floral flavours with slight spiciness balanced with sweet malt flavours and a slight bitterness towards the end. 

If we can achieve these things we will have one mighty drinkable delicious beer for everyone to drool over like a pack of ravenous dogs starving for a taste of meat. God I make myself thirsty.” 


kristine, emilie, mari, julian


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